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NRM Audit
Rubin Group Insurance Auditing

This extensive program manages entire company from A-Z, including policy information, auditor commissions, invoices, billing, daily clock-in/out, internal messaging/emails and many features too numerous to list. Auditors/Managers log in from the field or home to update status of audits, flag urgent records, upload relevant documents and much more.

site features:

  • Full module for paying auditors accurate commission
  • Full module for billing insurance companies for audits completed
  • Full module, including clock-in/out, for paying office staff by hourly rate
  • Pre-filled Word documents created per audit, containing audit information
  • Internal email messaging module flags users upon login, and also notifies them of new messages at their alternate email addresses
  • Highly informational splash page alerts each user to outstanding invoices/audits as applies to his/her workday
  • Full-featured calendar lists daily, weekly, or monthly audits
  • Muliple levels of login - insurance companies, auditors, office staff, master - each site feature can be adjusted to any level of security
  • Data tracking - changes to audits are tracked and can be viewed by master admin for review/verification purposes