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Tenant Eviction Management Software

Landlords, Marshals, attorneys and office staff can log in to view and update status of tenant cases online. View your buildings or cases, check your calendar for upcoming access, eviction or court dates, move cases through the the L & T Process, preview and/or generate documents, and much more.

site features:

  • Multiple levels of usage - program works differently depending on the package purchased
  • Integrates with database that also runs the company's in-house software
  • PDF generation of affidavits, petitions and other documents, prefilled with case informantion
  • Specially coded demo version demonstrates each level

We developed our software as a service to our clients, so they could communicate with us more easily, but it turned out so well that our staff has been using it internally, too! It’s user-friendly, it keeps the workflow moving, it generates all our complex documents and legal forms automatically, and it even integrates with our in-house system. It’s a great product!

Tell your NYC Realtor friends about it – we provide monthly usage (Software as a Service) for all their landlord-tenant process cases.

- Menashe Schwartz,

    Are you a realtor in New York City?
    Do you manage landlord – tenant eviction cases?

  1. Speeds up the process by its automated web based software integrating all parties
  2. Fewer steps, easy to use automated management tool online from anywhere anytime
  3. Instant communication and execution.
    Dashboard presents all your to-dos in real time on one screen clear at a glance. It's organized to reach specific departments coming in and going out.
    Move the case forward from the same screen on dash.
  4. Keeps you up to date in real time
  5. Gives you peace of mind.
    System monitors & sends daily alerts to landlord attorney, marshal in real time to view dashboard.
    Posting all cases waiting for direction.
    Preventing cases from getting stuck or lost in the process.