Get to know our company

Brooklyn Web Center has been computerizing businesses since 2001. We began with Perl CGI scripts for simple websites, then moved to ASP and ColdFusion, adding more complex features as the web developed. In 2009, to take advantage of the latest technology the web has to offer, we took the leap into ASP.Net and we haven’t looked back!

What we love to do:
Analyze your business, pinpoint the tasks that require the most manual effort, and create programs to take over so that your staff is free to manage MORE CLIENTS, MORE ACCURATELY, and MORE EFFICIENTLY.

Our software will:
Alert staff members to tasks that need their attention TODAY, communicate with clients, suppliers and service providers, generate documents that are prefilled with correct data, interface with other existing system you already use, provide you with real-time reporting for any date ranges you choose, and much more! YOU SAY what you need, WE CUSTOMIZE the software.

Our satisfied clients will gladly share their experiences with you. Check out our testimonials page, or ask us for their contact info.

We look forward to computerizing your office. Contact us now